50 Ideas That You Can Write About Today

50 Blog Post Ideas That You Can Write About Today

by Kevin Gates on September 8, 2015
Are you having a hard time coming up with great blog post ideas? Consistently thinking of new ideas to write a blog post is a daunting task. That’s why we have compiled a list of 50 original blog post ideas that you can write about today.

Instead of putting together a list of generic blog post ideas, we felt it would be more useful to share with you the process of brainstorming blog post ideas.

By using the questions and suggestions below, you should be able to come up with at least 50 original blog post ideas within the next 30 minutes.

The best part about doing this exercise is that you will never run out of ideas to write about. You can go through this checklist over and over again, and you will be surprised how many new blog post ideas you can come up with.

Are you ready to write your next blog post? Simply start answering the questions below:

What are some of the common questions that people ask when they email you?
What is your favorite piece of industry news that you’ve come across recently?
Is there something that has frustrated you recently? Talk about it.
If someone was about to start in your field, what are the top things they should know?
Create a list of the top 10 things you wish you knew when you started.
Are there any funny posts or videos you found lately that you can share?
Have you read any Twitter posts lately that you feel deserves a longer response?
Give speech notes from a recent presentation you gave.
If you recently hired someone, what questions helped you the most in making your decision?
Have you figured out a way to save a few hours a week?
What type of work do you try to accomplish while traveling on a airplane?
What would you recommend your customers do in the first few weeks?
What products or services can you compare and contrast?
Is there a new product you can review?
Is there an industry leader or influencer you can interview?
Write an open letter to someone or a company.
Have you thought about reaching out to multiple experts for their thoughts on a specific subject?
Are you attending a conference where you can share your highlights from sessions?
Can you share about a recent travel experience?
Have you used any new tools or applications recently that have helped improve your workflow?
Have you thought about sharing a list of top influencers to follow in your industry?
Have you created a resource post?
What are your aspirations for the week, month, and year?
Anything unique or funny happen at the office this week?
Create a list for customers
What sets your company apart?
What are you particular passionate about within your industry?
What is your company’s history?
What is the history of your industry?
Any important insights that you have learned in the past year?
What helpful books have you read recently?
See any good movies lately? Share lessons you learned from it.
What type of things do you review to determine quality in your industry?
How are the legal activities in your country affecting your business?
Make a Myth vs. Fact post.
How did you decide to start your business?
Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?
What blogs do you keep up with? Create a list.
What helps you be creative?
What type of customer email are you most frustrated with?
What type of customer email are you most likely to respond to joyfully?
How have you changed how you work over the years?
What are your hobbies outside of work?
What charities or organizations do you support?
What sets your company apart from your competitors?
What is a creative use of your product?
Summarize a modern debate and give your opinion.
Create a list of inspirational quotes for your industry.
Have you considered doing a video blog?
What question can you ask your users? Create a survey or quiz.
Now that you have gone through our blog post idea exercise, we hope that you have come up with at least 50 great ideas to write about. I bet you probably surprised yourself by the amount of original blog post ideas that you thought of.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you can come back and re-take the exercise in the future.

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Published by Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is on our Technical Support team, where he also writes user documentation and manages affiliates.In his free time, he seeks to expand his web development capabilities and he often volunteers for the Charis Foundation or he is learning Romanian.

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